Best MBA in Dubai UAE

Best MBA in Dubai UAE

Why choose this qualification?

Organizations are looking for professionals who possess an in-depth knowledge of global affairs, cultures, languages and have a solid business acumen to successfully negotiate the complex global landscape. Global managers broadly work in the capacity of Country Managers, Functional Managers, and Business Managers.

The three-country programme MBA in Dubai, USA & UK at Top University Dubai focuses on developing core business skills with an international perspective and is the ideal choice for candidates seeking careers as country managers, functional managers, and business managers across various sectors in international organizations.
Program description
The MBA -3C program in International Business prepares students for mid-to-senior level managerial positions in business and entrepreneurial ventures.

The program prepares young minds for a successful professional career and offers them a global look at management with international exposure. MBA 3C provides the best way to show the next generation of leaders how businesses work in different regions by letting them experience different cultures and learning about the importance of diversity, trust, cooperation, and welfare, they will extract key lessons about professional do’s and don’ts, as well as how to be a more balanced human being. As a result, these future leaders will discover that what is good for business, can also be good for society. This program is available to all qualified students regardless of their undergraduate majors.
The program consists of a foundation phase and an advanced phase. Students are required to have completed some or all of the foundation requirements through compulsory courses in the first year of an MBA. The second-year is designed to help them connect theory to practice. Dubai has vaulted onto the world stage as a city with a massive influx of business, wealth, and influence, and an MBA in Dubai can position a graduate to succeed, no matter what MBA specialization they have their heart set on.

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