Highschool Diploma in Dubai

Maverick Business Academy London (MBA London) specializes in developing and delivering world-class accredited Blended Learning programs.

The blended learning approach is a combination of traditional classroom-based teaching and online learning, with students taking some courses online and others in a traditional classroom setting.

The program combines the student’s experience with the best of both worlds: the rigorous, structured curriculum of a traditional MBA program with the flexibility and convenience of an online MBA degree.

Maverick Business Academy London offers an innovative and flexible approach to education, which is designed to meet the needs of adults who are seeking a career change.

MBA London has been offering high school diplomas for adults in Dubai for the last six years. This program is designed for adults with little or no formal education, but who want to complete their high school diploma requirements.

The MBA London program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and competencies to succeed in business.

The Maverick Business Academy London program offers a unique blend of classroom learning and distance learning that enables learners to study from anywhere in the world. The program provides a holistic approach to management education that includes courses such as Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Finance. The Maverick Business Academy London (MBA London) is an international school dedicated to providing world-class, accredited education for students aged between 16 and 18 years.

The Maverick Business Academy London has a high school diploma qualification that is equivalent to the GCSEs in the UK. This qualification enables students to gain entry into undergraduate courses at top universities across the world.

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