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Online, Hybrid and Part time


UK and Globally accredited

Course Synopsis

The challenging and fast moving environment in which we find ourselves continues to throw up a wealth of challenges for those tasked with steering departments, teams and business lines through these turbulent waters.

Our Mini MBA takes the best of practical and theoretical business insights to help you understand the business world. Through learning about people, performance, marketing, strategy and finance you will become an effective and skilled professional, acquiring key skills in a short space of time.

This course will focus on key subject areas for executives and managers who operate in fast moving, competitive environments and who need to build a road map of the challenges and threats they need to navigate. It will highlight and investigate a range of issues that you need to master and will unlock and expand the central skill sets that you will need in order to be more effective as managers and leaders within your organisations.

The course is designed to be thought provoking enough to leave you with a clear idea of how to build your own “tool kit” for managerial and leadership success in profit and not-for-profit organisations.

  • You will gain a business focused grasp of the essential elements of an MBA from a highly practical perspective in a significantly shorter time;
  • Our well regarded trainers will facilitate the workshop bringing in coaching and theoretical expertise that you can apply to the workplace;
  • You will return to work with a series of strategic tools that will enable you to make a profound and immediate impact on your business and your job;
  • The course takes a hands-on innovative approach packed with several dynamic case studies, role plays, workshops, group discussions and many more.
  • Day One: The Importance of developing strategy in the modern business environment.
  • Day Two: Mastering People Management
  • Day Three: Project and Quality Management
  • Day Four: Financial Management Practices
  • Day Five: Case Study, Review and Consolidation & Certification Award

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will obtain a UK CPD Accredited Certificate. This certificate can be exchanged for upto 60 credits at the Masters’ Level (MBA/MSc/MA) with any of our associated Universities in the UK and internationally.

Starts Rotational Intake

Duration 5 Days

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