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Board of Council

Fazil Sheikh Salai

Group CEO & Founder

Founder/CEO HALI Management Consultancies UAE & MAVERICK Business Academy London UK

About Fazil Sheikh Salai

Mr. Fazil Sheikh Salai, Multiple Award Winning & a Passionate Entrepreneur, established HALI Management Consultancies (HMC), parent entity of Maverick in Souk Al Bahar Burj Khalifa back in 2012 at the age of 22 with his own funding, raised from previous work in banking, conducting training workshops & seminars in schools & direct selling opportunities. The name HALI in HMC was derived from his loving grandmother HALIMA whom he still considers as a role model and inspiration to date thus founding an organization solely built on values & ethos. He has been responsible for various International University & Awarding Body Partnerships and strategic alliances for HMC across the UK, Cyprus, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Russia, Kosovo, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ghana and Nigeria over the past decade, making HMC’s global presence felt and a Brand his clients can vouch for. He also acts as a mentor to his fellow youngsters on various direct selling projects, edutainment, e-marketing and small start-up businesses and sponsors downtrodden families & funds the studies of lesser privileged students.

During his infancy stages of entrepreneurship, he unassumingly devised the European Professional Doctorate – EU Qualification Concept based on Reverse Learning Pedagogy in 2013 & now this in-house developed course is officially endorsed by many leading academic, government and semi-government bodies around the globe. This concept has grown over a period of 8 years & the legacy continues to be strong with over 200+ Entrepreneurs, Academicians & Experienced Working Professionals having successfully graduated globally from this unique course.

Recently he expanded his education domain in the UK by launching and founding his own Transnational Education based entity known as Maverick Business Academy London which acts as a HUB for 30+ Undergrad & Postgrad Qualifications delivered by 8+ Universities & Awarding Bodies. He is currently working on multiple international projects, out of which he is actively liaising with top government delegates in Poland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Ghana, & Uganda for conducting Maverick International University Programs as a part of his vision to enable Borderless Education & make Education more meaningful, skill based & cost effective backed by accredited qualifications from EU, UK, USA & deploy International Student Exchange Programs & Internships in the regions to uplift the youth segment and equip them with relevant skillsets. He always strives to bridge the humongous gap between Academia & Industry interface through his principled strategies &well knit associations globally.


In 2019 he got awarded as ‘’The Top 100 Educators in The Region” by GLOBAL FORUM FOR EDUCATION & LEARNING’’ which was followed by a plethora of awards recognizing his contribution in the field of Experiential Learning & Transnational Education and in the process his team was winning back to back national & international laurels for being the youngest Transnational Education Varsity. Recently he has also been featured in a Book titled ‘’ Top 20 Influential Entrepreneurs from Asia’’ by a renowned award-winning Asian Author Mr. Hameed. Always a firm believer of binding relationships & constantly empowering his young team to discover their true potential & collectively realize each other’s dreams in the process.