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Shafeeqa Eidha Mubarak Alameri

Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Business Women Council (EPD - EU, Global Leadership pertaining Women Empowerment, Aldersgate University College EU & ASIA – 2019)

“I am extremely proud to be the first Emirati to be graduating with EPD and I think this will add value in my career and my personality. I encourage others to join Hali Management as they deliver the best in Education.”

Muhammad Moiz Alam

MBA Business Management, Aldersgate University College ASIA - 2020

“One of the most modern ways of studying perfected. That is Hali Management. Every lecture teaches you essential information required to understand the course. An affordable and well spent investment to acquire a Masters degree or more.”

Mohammad Taha

MBA, University of Gloucestershire, UK

“I have so far had a pleasant experience at Maverick Business Academy. Mr. Fazil was kind enough to guide me through my MBA degree and welcome me into the academy. The classes that are running on Saturdays by Prof Khan are informative, beneficial and actually fun! I recommend this place to whoever’s looking for an MBA degree.”

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