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Joint Registrar Maverick International University

Registrar Maverick Business Academy

Chairman, CSIS Entrepreneurship & Management Studies Singapore

Dr. Yusra Yohan is a learned Scholar of Business Entrepreneurship and occupies senior positions on the core advisory board of various acclaimed teaching institutions and enterprise incubators. With a resounding experience over 25 years in the academic field, he plays an active role in establishing education for the underprivileged in third world countries. He is an active member of the international research community in both contributing and evaluating research publications. He holds a special place amongst his students and peers as he is known for his humour and comic sense in his lecture deliveries.

Dr. Yusra is a dual doctorate holder in the fields of Business & Education from the USA & IRELAND, his quest for learning & improving is a never-ending love story as he has actively started pursuing a Triple Crown Accredited DBA from UK. Despite of his busy schedule & prior ongoing commitments in South East Asia, he has exhibited sheer passion to be a part of our Board Advisory Council & takes utmost responsibility in ensuring the quality assurance of Academic, Professional & Entrepreneurial Awards & Qualifications & Internal Validation Programs.