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Online, Hybrid and Part time


UK and Globally accredited


The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) course has been crafted for CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors and for Senior Level Professional Employees and guides you to embark on careers as applied researchers, consultant and senior corporate roles. This accelerated course also provides an opportunity for applicants who hold a Post – Doctoral Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership qualification to gain an entry into higher ranked and globally accredited universities like Anglia Ruskin, Girne American University and many more. This is course is also equivalent to a PHD in Business Administration.

  • Develop and practice innovative research methods.
  • Earn the highest quality of education.
  • Achieve the expertise to publish in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Become a successful doctoral researcher and educator.
  • Prepare to make an impact in policy and practice.
  • Learn strategies to facilitate more effective and, adaptable organizations creating positive changes.
  • Become a more innovative leader in your field.

Our DBA Program is Currently in direct articulation with the below listed Universities whose credentials are well known globally.

  • Anglia Ruskin University, UK
  • Girne American University, North Cyprus
  • Linton University College, Malaysia
  • Taras National University, UKRAINE

Students who thrive in our programs are passionate about their module. Many are recognized nationally and internationally for their scholarship, research and public engagement and make original and substantial contributions to their disciplines. Our graduates become idea-leaders who drive our global future by advancing discoveries, broadening knowledge, fostering entrepreneurship, protecting and sustaining our natural environment and developing new technologies.

DBA is designed to be delivered over 30 – 36 months on full time study mode, but it is also flexible in its delivery in order to accommodate part time and distance learning education mode from our associated awarding bodies. The qualification is delivered face-to-face through lectures, tutorials, seminars and presentations by approved study centers only.

  • Assessors will support the students throughout the course of Doctor of Business administration.
  • A formative assessment and feedback that will be provided to improve the learners’ achievements as per being part of the respective Universities.
  • Course materials will also include lecture notes, practical applications with examples and case studies and presentations where the students can apply their knowledge and show their skills as well.
  • We also provide books for references and other study materials.
  • Supervision is available for all the modules.
  • Through the online learning platform which has multiplatform accessibility, it delivers the any of the course straight to the student’s smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop through which will be enable for them to study at their own convenience.
  • Time-constrained scenario-based assignments.
  • No examinations.

Applicants are allowed to complete the DBA either via Thesis Publication or Standard Core Module Approach with Thesis. The Publication route comprises of undertaking a Thesis within the rules and regulations set by the University accreditation requirements from the respective Awarding Bodies.

DBA candidates may specialize in areas such as management science, technology management, organizational behavior, coaching/mentoring, economics or finance or other practical fields. DBA is a program that can show compatibility with requirements of the modern business world. At this level, students equipped with the full knowledge can cope with new theory themselves, manage a big team and teach young professionals on how to better their tasks. This method of study educates the candidates business against a background of cultural differences as manifested in the world business industry.

The following Qualifications are allowed to get direct entry onto the Thesis Level:

  • MBA in relevant field;
  • Work Experience of 10+ years;
  • An Accredited Level 8 Doctoral Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.
  • Flexible & accelerated delivery approach.
  • Blended and hybrid learning mode aided with workshops, seminars and conference.

Multiple intakes on blended learning mode.

To know about the course fee and exemptions, please get in touch with us at:

Starts Rotational Intake

Duration 30 – 36 Months

Awarded By

Anglia Ruskin University

Aldersgate University

Apollos University

Linton University College

Taras National University