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Global entrepreneurs graduate in glory at the 8th Maverick Business Academy’s doctoral convocation

Maverick Business Academy London, a trailblazer in transnational education and business excellence, celebrated their 8th Annual & Doctoral Graduation with their trademark accredited European Professional Doctorate (EPD-EU) Qualification in the limelight at a grand event at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai on November 26, 2023. The graduation, held in exclusive partnership with their ever reliable, globally accredited, and renowned Rushford Business School Switzerland, marked another year of triumphs and showcased the culmination of academic achievements and business leadership in an exemplary manner.

This year’s ceremony, distinguished by its intellectual atmosphere, glitz, and service excellence awards for industry stalwarts from diverse backgrounds, drew business moguls from different parts of the Middle East, Europe, the US, Africa, and South Asia. The ceremony witnessed the convergence of industry titans, impeccable research specialists, esteemed academic talents, and proud families, creating a truly monumental experience.

Maverick Business Academy London’s meticulous planning, personalised touch with elegant shields, graduation medals and trophies for Guests of Honour and graduates, and the epic grandeur received unanimous appreciation from VIP dignitaries, elite attendees, regional and global associates, graduates, families, and revered alumni. The Royal Private Office of Shaikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, Council of International Chambers of Commerce UK and HALI Management UAE as the Assessor, extended their endorsement and support, further underscoring the significance of this milestone ceremony, which was fully sponsored and organised by Maverick Business Academy London.

In a special moment of recognition and as a token of immense gratitude and love to this great nation of the UAE – the land of visionary leadership and an entrepreneurial powerhouse, Maverick honoured Dr Salwa Saleh Saad Abdulla AlSheebani, President of the Federation of Business and Professional Women in the UAE (BPW-UAE) and President and CEO of Condor Medical Waste Treatment Company LLC. Dr Salwa AlSheebani, a beacon of leadership, who was conferred with a Coveted Honoris Causa Qualification in Global Leadership from Rushford Business School Switzerland for her outstanding contribution to the business and professional women’s community in the UAE and Arab world. It is Maverick Business Academy London’s endeavour and customary practice annually to honour the deserving daughter/son of the UAE with the University’s reputable qualification, which is the pinnacle.

Maverick graduates procession

Another luminary and stalwart, Dr Sandeep Marwah, Founder of Noida Film City and Founder Director of Asian Academy of Film & TV, Chancellor AAFT University, was also bestowed with an Honoris Causa Qualification specialising in Media Management & International Relations. Dr Marwah’s impactful contribution to the fields of film, media, and education earned him this prestigious recognition and he is an Icon for millions back in Asia who are aspiring to be a successful professional in the field of media and creative arts.

The 8th EPD-EU Ceremony featured a diverse assembly of dignitaries, including higher-ranked government sector officials, global entrepreneurs from 12+ different nations, eminent research specialists, and graduates receiving their professional and academic doctoral qualifications (DBA & PhD). Young and thriving handpicked Masters, Bachelors & Diploma graduates from Rushford Business School Switzerland and Maverick’s associate and authorised universities from the UK, US and Cyprus were also honoured with their respective qualifications. The ceremony was a fitting testimony to Maverick’s sustained effort to bridge the academic industry interface as they created jobs and business opportunities for these students.

The graduating doctoral students and all graduates were also awarded with the accredited Professional Certificate of Achievement from Maverick Business Academy London, who are accredited and recognised by the International Council for Open Distance Education Norway EU (ICDE) as their Member since 2020 and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certified as per European Regulations Framework, NAFSA USA, & AIEA Memberships, showcasing their versatility and increasing recognition.

Rushford Business School Switzerland a brainchild of their President & Group

Chairman Dr Tufail Syed is SWISS EDUQUA Accredited, Swiss Federal Government, AACSB Membership, QS Rated & Ranked 5 Stars for Teaching & Online Learning, Business Graduates Association (BGA) Quality Assured, ACBSP & PRME Accreditations knitted a strategic partnership with Maverick Business Academy London, thus redefining skill and value-based learning, and have been at the forefront of developing transnational education across various countries. Their association of over 4 years has significantly impacted the lives of learners and students globally and under the robust leadership of the dynamic Fazil Sheikh, along with his young and exuberant team from Maverick Business Academy London were able to initiate two strategic educational collaborations with the University of Buckingham UK & Upgrad Asia for Rushford Business School Switzerland in the year 2023.

The aim was to enhance educational opportunities for their learners and create an immersive learning experience backed with accredited qualifications, student exchange programmes and industry oriented internships. Credit to the entire team at Rushford Business School who worked tirelessly with Team Maverick & Buckingham to bring these decisive partnerships to fruition too.

Fazil, Group CEO and Founder of Maverick Business Academy, and Dr Tufail Syed, President of Rushford Business School, extend their appreciation to Dr David Mark Holliman, Head of Partnerships, Collaborations & Business Development at the University of Buckingham.

For the successive 8th time as a ritual, the graduation ceremony concluded with an emotional and rousing vote of thanks by Fazil and HALI Management UAE was received with applause and invoked the spirit of compassion. Fazil expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone present and highlighted the gargantuan achievements amidst the struggles of each and every doctoral candidate and his students in a rather spectacular way, which was an eye opener to the audience.

He outlined his team’s dedication to learner improvement, open and integrated learning focused on the DEI Metrics (Diversity, Equity/Equality & Inclusion) the incorporation of reverse learning pedagogy, and the importance of practicing servant leadership with empathy and humility.


Maverick Business Academy London looks forward to a disruptive yet opportunistic 2024, marked by continued success, innovation, and contributions to the realms of education and business by putting students’ needs and requirements at the forefront. Their mission to upskill and upgrade their learner’s community continues, which has rightfully earned them the tagline – The Peoples’ Learning Partner.

To know more about the QS Ranking 5 Star Rated & BGA Accredited European Professional Doctorate Business Qualification awarded by Rushford Business School, please visit: