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The European Professional Doctorate (EPD-EU) is a uniquely tailored practice – based program for owners, entrepreneurs and top level senior managers positioned at a CEO and Director levels working within a Global Business Environmental Context. This qualification functions academically equivalent level to a traditional PhD in the business landscape. EPD-EU is our trademark in-house developed Flagship Concept of Recognizing the achievement of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Industrialists, Academicians, Philanthropists & Senior Level Management Executives around the Globe and Conferring them with appropriate and accredited Professional Qualifications. This is a doctoral-level degree for experienced professionals who want to translate their industry expertise into a higher position of credibility, leadership and influence in their profession. The nominated EPD-EU candidates usually take an existing concept or problem in their industry, conduct the research and recommend proposals or solutions. This can have a significant social and economic impact.

Those doing a professional doctorate are encouraged to look at their own practice and context and to draw their research question from it. They are expected to articulate and critically interrogate their own professional knowledge. This is not the sole source of knowledge they work with of course, as they also draw on relevant scholarly literature.The research that is done in a professional doctorate is intended to be relevant and of interest and use to other professionals and therefore to advance professional practice and its knowledge base. Through bringing professional problems, knowledge and insider informed research into conversation with scholarly knowledge a contribution to scholarly knowledge is also made.

The European Professional Doctorate is designed to recognize the achievements in one’s professional journey, extraordinary contribution to the society or exceptional intellectual or artistic achievement. The recipients are carefully selected by the Board of the Rushford Business School Switzerland after a very diligent examination of the grounds for their nominations and submission of their doctoral portfolio works. The ability to present doctoral work in a portfolio as opposed to a dissertation presents an opportunity to professional doctorate candidates to step outside the boundaries presented by the traditional research writing framework.

  • Real Impact on the Industry.
  • Expanding Your Professional & Business Networks.
  • Economical & Effective Way to Achieve the Highest Level of Education.
  • Become an Innovator & Disruptor.
  • Business Boot Camps.
  • Exclusive Access to Global Conferences, Seminars & Workshops.
  • Practical Course Pedagogy.
  • Allows you to Mentor the Future Generations.
  • Build a Strong Profile & Publish the same as Doctoral Portfolio.

Rushford Business School, Switzerland,

Rushford Business School is the official name of the Business School of James Lind Institute, Geneva, Switzerland.

The awarding body offers higher degree programs in Business and Management accredited by SWISS EDUCATION, EDUQUA, ACBSP, IACBE, PRME, ICDE, Atheneum Liberal Studies (ALS), IFTDO, ISO, WES Endorsed.Rushford Business School is self-regulating and awards Professional and Graduate Qualifications under its charter of incorporation.

These awards are European Awards aligned to the European Qualification Framework.

  • Strong Nomination/Recommendation from a Credible Govt or Semi Govt Body in the respective regions. Evaluation and Ratification of Bio- Data, Personal and Professional Achievements .
  • Thesis/Doctoral Portfolio Submission related to current business or profession.
  • Submission of Executive Article on ”Business Leadership”
  • Telephonic/Skype Interview defending the Thesis Viva-Voice.
  • Consultant’s Final Report and Review of the Candidate
  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) for direct entry;
  • Should be an Owner/Industrialist/Businessmen or an Entrepreneur who has a well-established set up over a min period of 5 years;
  • Min of 50 staffs working under him or her & should also be a Philanthropist who have made contribution to his or society;
  • Otherwise holding a Senior Management position for the last 15 years for a Multinational Organization;
  • Applicant has to be 35+ yrs of age;
  • Four Referee letters from employers or shareholders of the organization previously worked or currently working;
  • Applicant can also be leading Academicians/Teachers/Educators who have served the teaching/education industry for more than 20+ years.
  • DPROF 300 Personal and Professional Review

This will enable you to develop an in-depth view of the trajectory of your career, your capacity and preferences for learning as well as gaining deeper insights into your own beliefs, actions and preferences.

  • DPROF 301 Designing Practitioner Research*

Introduces you to a comprehensive range of methods for effective workplace investigation.

  • DPROF 302 Negotiated Experiential Learning*

Will enable you to carry out a workplace project using a recognized method.

  • DPROF 303 Practitioner Enquiry at Doctoral Level

This will enable you to formulate a detailed proposal for a Doctoral research project(s) by engaging with research methods at a deeper level.

  • DPROF 304 Minor and Major Practitioner Research Project

These can be discrete research projects or can be linked. The project(s) will be a substantial and original contribution to organisational and professional knowledge.

Graduates will be awarded with an accredited European Professional Doctorate highlighting their industrial expertise & specialization in accordance to the European Qualification Framework at Level 10 from Rushford Business School Switzerland.

  • Flexible & accelerated delivery approach.
  • Blended and hybrid learning mode aided with workshops, seminars and conference.

Yearly Intake On Experiential Learning Mode.

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