Online MBA in Dubai

Online MBA in Dubai

1 Year Accredited MBA Programs

Study online or part-time MBA from UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi) Maverick Business Academy London promises a challenging and an amazing experience to all participants with their 1- year fast track MBA programs.

The Maverick Business Academy London MBA Courses attracts competent and high-statured learners from a varied range of occupations, geographical boundaries, and different cultural backgrounds, to participate in this one year incredible journey of learning and fun. The program is a once in a lifetime experience for all participants as it creates strong bonding, positive vibes, sparkling ideas, team debates, strong alliances and new business partnerships. From the inception of the distance learning or top up MBA program till its culmination, you will be taught the core hard management skills, as well as the soft skills like leadership, communications, presentation skills, etc. This will be accomplished through live case projects, lectures, seminars, workshops, to further augment and develop learner skills and competencies.

In addition, you will interact and engage with experts and stakeholders of different business industry domains. Your cognitive mental faculties will be constantly challenged in areas which you may not have ever encountered or considered before. This distinct MBA program will take you through a voyage, of you joining us as a working professional, and leaving us as a confident engaged business leader.

offers an Online Executive MBA program from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. Over 500 professionals have passed out since 2012. This online Executive MBA program is specially designed for working professionals, making it possible to earn an MBA while continuing to work.

In 2018, Maverick Business Academy London introduced the Specialized MBA program from Girne American University Cyprus. Students can specialize, enhance, build on their expertise or chart a new career path by choosing one of the MBA majors.

The Girne American University Cyprus MBA Programs offered by Maverick Business Academy London are MBA in Healthcare Management, MBA in Shipping, Supply Chain and Logistic Management, MBA in HR and Organizational Psychology, MBA in International Business (IB), MBA in Financial Management, MBA in Sales & Marketing, MBA in Engineering Management (EM), MBA in Project Management and MBA in Informational Technology (IT).

Whether one aims to change careers, start a business venture, or inject new possibilities into their work life, Maverick Business Academy London MBA program will help achieve your goals in just one year.

Maverick Business Academy London (MBA London) specializes in developing and delivering world class accredited Blended Learning & Part-Time Campus based programs in the fields of Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Education, IT & Computer Science ranging from Level 3-7 Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters, PhD’s, DBA’s & European Professional Doctorate {EPD-EU} via our Top Ranked Partner Universities in UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India and other EU Nations. MBA London collaborates with some of the finest institutions globally also known as Maverick Access Points (MAP) to have a positive impact on the lives of the learners hailing from those respective regions. Closely followed by Study Abroad Programs in European and Far East European Nations, Student Exchange Programs, European Professional Business Qualifications & Awards, Corporate Training Programs, Credit Transfer Programs, Edutainment and Summer Internships. Respecting Your Time by being Efficient & Saving Your Bucks by being Creative thrives at the Heart of MBA London. At MBA London, Staffs, Students, Partners, Stakeholders & Clients form our core pillars of strength and it becomes our moral obligation to guide them with our seamless transition ideas in order to achieve their optimum best personally and professionally.